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Everything to suit your needs
Fcoar was an idea borne from the desire to pay homage to the legendary skins and themes that originated at customize.org, a desktop customization website rather popular in the early days of the internet. The main instigator for this project was Lukas Kokoska.

Specifically, the major inspiration for this release start from from GSM (GyspySpaceMuffin), a niche community of skin designers from customize.org. The name FCOAR actually came from the unrealized GSM 2.0 concept which was codenamed fomecore. The logo itself is an overhauled version of the second suite’s logo design made by Tab Turnmire.

As a result, the contributors to this project want to give a shout out to the lads from that era. Our hats go off to you. Included you’ll find most everything to suit your desktop customization needs. I’d like to thank all those involved in making this a reality with their hard work and dedication; it’s truly an amazing group.


SSC 2014

by fate0000 on April 02, 2014

It’s that time of year again. This year we’re going to have just one category for all screenshots and the top 3 winners will get a pay out.

I’m thinking we split winnings as follows:

  • 50% for 1st
  • 30% for 2nd
  • 20% for 3rd

I’ll be accepting donations as usual. You can Paypal them to joshua.klina@gmail.com.

I’ll be contributing $100 cold hard cash plus I’m giving 1st place a signed copy of an AON III print.

Update We’re now up to $225 cash, an AON III print and a print from ether.

Rules are simple. This is a contest for screenshots and the highest rated screenshots win in order. To enter, submit your screenshot to the SSC 14 category.

As usual, it is very important for everyone to vote on all the entries so there’s enough ratings to get an accurate average rating. If I see anything suspicious like a bunch of new ratings from users who just signed up or outlier ratings from those involved, I’ll delete them.

At the end of 6/14 I’ll tally up the votes and announce our winners.

Also note that submissions must be new submissions specifically for this contest. You are not allowed to use submissions already created! Unless you’re ether, she can submit her one Win98 screenshot from that time.

Due Date: 6/14


by Kody on November 18, 2013


Happy Halloweenies

by mangosango on October 26, 2013

here is a cat and some pumpkins

I hear that you and your band have sold your guitars and bought turntables.

by Kody on September 17, 2013

I hear that you and your band have sold your turntables and bought guitars.

I hear everybody that you know is more relevant than everybody that I know.

Show me your kitty...

by neiio on August 28, 2013

PF Cork

by fate0000 on July 10, 2013

Decided its going to happen regardless of how many is involved ;P. Need photos plz, k thx.

You can email them, send them on FB, find me in IRC.

The cork must go on!

Site Up

by fate0000 on July 04, 2013

Looks like the JS I use for the protest isn’t taking the entire site down like usual, but rather just adding a banner. So we’ll be up, but please read the banner and share.

Thanks for looking!

PF Down on July 4

by fate0000 on July 03, 2013

Just a heads up, we’ll be taking the site down in protest of the NSA for the 4th. We’ll be back up on the 5th.


Cork closed...

by neiio on June 22, 2013

Though some people were willing to participate, there doesn’t seem to be enough interest for this years cork. Maybe next year.


Rating Closed

by fate0000 on May 13, 2013

Its been an outstanding year. There were high quality submissions in all categories.

I have the ratings recorded and I’ll go through and tally up the averages. I’ll have the results posted tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

SSC13: Submissions Closed, Voting Begins

by fate0000 on May 06, 2013

Firstly, and as always, thank you for all the support in the contest. In terms of both donations and submissions we have had a wonderful year. There are a number of contenders for each category and the competition should be a good one.


Its very important for everyone to get out there and review all the submissions and throw down a rating. The more ratings we have the more accurate the scores will be. I will be sure to nag everyone on the site throughout the week.

Ratings that are counted in the contest will be open until 5/11. The week long period will help ensure we get a decent number of reviews.

Also, like in years past I’ll be keeping an eye on reviews that give very high ratings to only one submission in the contest. This generally happens when a screenshot is posted on DevArt or something similar and the author asks visitors to come to PF and drop 100’s on their submission. While its wonderful to have visitors come in and participate, its not fair to the other contestants if visitors rate only one entry highly and then leave.

So you’re encouraged to to promote your entries, but please ask reviewers to rate other entries as well.

Thanks and good luck!

SSC13 - Last Day for Entries

by fate0000 on May 05, 2013

Get those submissions in – the deadline is the end of today!

1 Week Left for SSC

by fate0000 on April 29, 2013

Just your friendly reminder that we have 1 week left before the SSC deadline on 5/5. Get those submissions in!

SSC 2013 Voting and Prizes

by fate0000 on April 18, 2013

The prize pot for SSC 13 is currently at $130.

We have very generous donations from:

Ether: $50
Thomax: $10
Neiio: $20

plus the $50 I put in.

Submissions are starting to pour in already with a couple that I think will be contenders.

I think we’ll have voting open the entire week after the deadline (5/5), so voting will be open until 5/11. During the weekend I’ll tally up the numbers and present the winners.

A word about voting: its very important that everyone get out there and vote. The more ratings we have per submission the more accurate the process will be.

Also, you can promote your submissions outside of PF of course, but if you’re going to be soliciting votes for your own submission, please ask that the voters vote on the other submissions as well. It wouldn’t be fair if there’s a bunch of people who sign up to the site, vote 100’s on one submission and then leave. We’re not looking for a popularity contest.

Best of luck!

SSC 2013 Guidelines

by fate0000 on April 04, 2013

OK here’s what I’ve decided on the rules for this year’s contest.

5 Categories:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • OS X
  • Mobile
  • Mockup

Prize money and kudos will be given out to the highest scoring submission in each category excluding the Mockup category (if you want money and kudos prove that concept).

The due date will be 5/5/2013. I’m not going to sit around and workout all the timezones but don’t submit it 24 hours late and expect it to be included.

I’ll create a new categories on the site for each of this year’s categories. In order to enter the contest, please submit to one of the new categories and include “SSC” in your submission’s title.

If anyone would like to donate some monies to the prize fund that would be super awesome. You can Paypal the money to my account (joshua DOT klina AT gmail DOT com). I’ll tally up all the donations and list them in a Thank You announcement. Bubba thanks you also.

Post comments, questions, errors, etc here. Good luck folks and thank you for keeping the tradition alive :-D

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