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by fate0000 on July 30, 2011

Phew, finally. Firstly I like to apologize for the long span of time in between updates. This is mostly do to PF going from Rails 2 to Rails 3. Not only does that require a big set of code refactoring, but also a big server refactoring as well. Because I updated PF’s code to Rails 3 I couldn’t routinely push small updates to the live Rails 2 version. The good news is that I finally bit the bullet and just started over on a new server that should be a bit more flexible in the future and is now running Rails 3. In other words now that the upgrade is done I can get back to my routine updates.

In addition to the Rails upgrade there are a ton of small bug fixes and changes around the site. The forums database has been restructured and should now work properly. We have notifications (still kinda beta-y). Just use the twitter style format with a user’s username and they’ll receive a notification that they were mentioned. You can now navigate forward and back between submissions by clicking on the links or using the shortcut keys “j” and “k”.

There is a lot more stuff as well, too much for me to remember.

Because of the massive upgrade there’s bound to be bugs. As always, please use the repository to mark the bugs and I’ll do my best to mow through them.

My next focus is to clean up some of the code in the application. A lot of it is old from when I just first started RoR and could be refactored more nicely. From there we have another big upgrade to Rails 3.1 and then finally PF 2.0 which will consist of a massive front-end restructuring and the addition of a ton of features that I think will benefit the community and making sharing our submissions much more enjoyable and easier to do!

As always thanks for your continued help and support with PF!

User Comments


nitzua wrote:

awww yeahhhh


caleb wrote:

Thanks, Josh and the PF team. This is great!


caleb wrote:

Wait, have the download links for all submissions been broken? I’ve added a ticket on the BitBucket repo.


Andreux wrote:

tagging myself #andreux


fate0000 wrote:

@caleb – good catch, and should be fixed. was a change in the how the server is configured.


mangosango wrote:

awesome! thanks josh


novoo wrote:

Good work Josh, love the notifications and I can’t wait for PF 2.0


Man.I wrote:

Wizardry man— thanks for updating everything. Do you think that we can create a forum thread for feature suggestions?


richard0 wrote:

Great work. Keep it up :)


nosphere wrote:

cool news!

btw don’t know why but it’s not keeping me logged in, each time i turn on-off-on the pc, it asks for my login info, could it be the cookie or what? (not sure if it’s just me or anybody else having this issue)


Nanu wrote:


Yeah also have the same problem with the login :|


dracofusco wrote:



neiio wrote:

Hey everyone…looking forward to those updates Josh. Keep up the great work, hopefully I’ll have some content to provide in the near future, maybe something exclusive to the site…



chimpy wrote:

That’s neat! Good stuff!

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