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Where’d my submission go?
Your submission was moderated. This could be because you didn’t credit the authors in the notes, or the admin felt your submission was not up to quality standards. Submissions are frequently pruned to maintain a standard of excellence.

How do I submit a bug or a feature request?
Hop over to bitbucket and let us know what’s up.

How do I format my text?
Pixelfuckers uses Textile. Check it out to see how to create links, and further modify your text.

What are the long term plans for pixelfuckers?
There are still some big features in the works including a forum, private messaging, and comment notification system. We also think a version control system on submissions would be rad.

Pixelfuckers wants you!
Pixelfuckers is truly a community site, right down to the code itself. Users are highly encouraged to get involved and improve the software that runs the site. Its opensource and available for everyone to play with. Its also a great way to get some good programming experience and learn a language. If you’re interested just contact anyone in charge at the repository!