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Overdose by SLD in Litestep



Artist Notes

:] messing with litestep again. My second theme.

Litestep: Overdose [me]
Rocketdock: Overdose [me]
Wallpaper: Overdose [me]

Running Windows XP

theme took about 5 hours to make.

  • Submitted: 07/25/2009
  • Reviews: 5
  • Views: 1192
  • Downloads: 178
  • Admin Rating: 60.00
  • User Rating: 71.00


3quinox [70] wrote:

Pretty good for your second theme. I like the little touches like the paint splatters on the taskbar.

Screenshot-wise I’d like to see more apps/windows open to give a sense of what your setup looks like to use. I kinda think the dock could use tidying up a bit too, cutting down the number of icons and getting rid of the running tasks would make it look nicer and less cluttered.


pjdark [71] wrote:

The popup looks pretty good. Everything else is not really my style.


bernadinho [75] wrote:

the popup looks good indeed, although I don’t like the selected menu item. perhaps you could try to add some details to it. the way it is it doesn’t fit with the red line on the left side.
and maybe add some font smoothing to the date and clock in the taskbar.


Thomax [60] wrote:

For me, the popup is what saving this from being trashed..


Hawk [68] wrote:

The wallpaper is definitely the best part here, and it’s pretty great. The popup isn’t bad, but in general everything else is kind of so-so.

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