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stranglehold for SSC '11 by nitzua in SSC 11 - Windows



Artist Notes

here’s my entry for this year, reworked slightly. i tried to do something a little different with the color scheme and general approach, and i tried to create a calm, less-busy feel; hopefully you guys like it. huge thanks goes out to josh for extending the deadline.

os – windows xp sp2
visual style – me
litestep – me
wallpaper – from the lovely meredith farmer, small edit by me
icons – me, blank
firefox – compact menu, custom theme, userchrome.css, & start page…the start page is basically broken up into four sets of links, clicking one of the boxes numbered 1-4 makes links appear where the avatar is currently shown…all with html, nothing fancy lol
samurize – clock, now playing widget, mail count, and weather widget all by me
resource hacks – explorer menu bar
miranda – clist_classic, srmm_mite
zeed image viewer – image from ffffound
other apps – y’z shadow, runboxxx
fonts – munica regular, gotham

i’ve got a lot of ideas bouncing around my head for new custo, so if i can find time to execute them, you should see more than one screenshot a year from me, and possibly some future photowall packs :) thanks a ton to the pf family for voting me community activist a few months back and here’s to another successful year for the site :D

  • Submitted: 05/13/2011
  • Reviews: 22
  • Views: 2497
  • Downloads: 141
  • Admin Rating: 96.13
  • User Rating: 97.07


mangosango [97] wrote:

YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this. To be honest, I was expecting something red/orange/black from you (haha :P).

But blue. Oh man, BLUE (instantly reminded me of your how i eat my sandwich shot). I think you should use it more – you pull it off so well. Love the close buttons (although I think they could be wider – I’d like to see some more left/right padding on those "x"s).

The 3D effect you have on the windows is really great – it’s something I normally wouldn’t like, but it’s so subtle here and it adds to that “booky” feel.

A few small complaints – an explorer window with icons would’ve been nice, but I know you were probably strapped for time, and it’s not a huge deal that it’s not present here. Secondly, the mail/weather widgets seem out of place. You have such rich details on your window borders and other GUI elements that the flat transparency of them makes them seem boring in comparison. I think even just giving the blue circles a 1px dark blue border like you do on your bookmark doodads would spruce the widgets up nicely.

Overall though this is great. It has that moody “nitzua” feel from your protocol/a million years/noxio.us shots and such great attention to detail (except on those widgets :P).

And yes, more than one screenshot a year would be nice ;)


Man.I [98] wrote:

Very blue! You’ve outdone your previous submission I think.


4nt1p0p [96] wrote:

promissed to give ya a rating here. You have comment on it on DA :)


wooko [99] wrote:

very original elements


novoo [91] wrote:

phew, still hard to rate :-D

I still like the idea with the badgets, but It’s kinda over-used here, especially on the tasks.

And the wallpaper could use some more contrast. My favourite part is the clock at the bottom, very nice use of the badge here.


Thomax [99] wrote:

I love everything about this.


chimpy [97] wrote:



craven [98] wrote:

Wow, this is b(lu)eautiful! Loving the consistent use of the badgets.


Nanu [91] wrote:

Not really liking all the white or ribbons, Minimal enough and has grown on me now.


nosphere [93] wrote:

flawless as usual, have to agree with novoo abouth the contrast between the wall and windows as well as the over-use of the badgets though

the semi-white color chosen brings a “clean mood”, but i find it a little hard on the eyes, the clock looks great!

…and it’s funny, i’ve got the same idea (without the “X”) of the close buttons for a TrueTransparency theme


richard0 [97] wrote:

This is my cup of tea! And probably the setup in SSC ‘11 that I’d love most to use on my comp. I doubt a little in the firefox setup and the run dialog is a little fat :)


shes.a.skeeze [98] wrote:

This is so pretty.

The wallpaper is perfect.. omg.
I love the clock on the bottom of the screen.
THE font is gorgeous. <3


Kody [100] wrote:

fuck me this is classy, great ribbon elements here, also great depth in the vs, this is outstanding

that startpage is perfect, and the run dialog logotype is nice as well, the widgets are simplistic but appealing, the wallpaper is perfect for this shot, nothing else would have sufficed.

great font choice, the pixel icons are great too.

cute clock


bernadinho [94] wrote:

as I said before the date/time thing and the startpage are my favourite elements of the shot. the new mail and temperature widgets look better than before. great calm vibe


BrushAway [97] wrote:

Not much that hasn’t been said at this point. Really fantastic work here.


akka [96] wrote:

One of my favorites. I’m glad you took the time to resubmit and fix a couple of the things that were bugging me (like the font smoothing in the caption bar).

The font’s sexy, and I’m a fan of the window treatment. It seems like you took the easy road with the combobox dropdown and scrollbars (though you’re not showing the latter here), I’d have liked to see some more thought put into them. I mocked up a different inset scrollbar for this, though it isn’t as relevant now, but would be happy to send it your way if interested.

The ribbons might be overdone in the inactive tasks (maybe just hide them there?) but it’s a great concept in its own right, and really helps unify everything.

I love the “widgets”, the clock especially (just curious, why do you prefer doing those in Samurize vs litestep?), and appreciate the bit of graphic design that went into the startpage and run dialogue. That’s a refreshing change from the norm, and it’s good to see some honest old fashioned reshacking.

I question the usability sacrifice in the borderless address bar and text fields. I’ll second sang’s desire to see a couple icons.

The wall’s perfect. Love her stuff. Miranda looks so good.

Anyways, there’s a lot of nitpicking here, and in other comments. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like it (see the ratings). You’ve just given us a lot to talk about, which is a great accomplishment. Top tier shot.


Damzk [93] wrote:

That wall is beautifull


Yannni [100] wrote:

Definitely my favorite from this year. Great work on the vs even though there’s not a lot of details to it. Its been some time since someone has made a good xp vs. Was wondering if you have completed most of the other parts of the vs that are not shown here and if you were going to share your awesome work with us fine people.


fate0000 [95] wrote:

So glad you got to submit. This is A-class. I love the 3-D effect of the borders. The font is crisp and easy to read. The badges, banner clock, and the circle widgets are fresh and add to the theme. Also loving the start page. Nice to see when someone rolls their own. My only gripes are there could probably be a bit more detail in places and the little dots on the run menu seem trite.

Minor issues in a top shelf attempt. Well done Eric.


crshd [99] wrote:

Dope. Not sure what else to say.


yboris [100] wrote:


Excellent! We’ve got a winnar!


lianx [100] wrote:

I could live with this, forever

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