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G.I.T.S. Arise by mizutaifux in Screenshots



Artist Notes


OS – WIIN7 – x86
Shell – MS-Explorer hacking explorer and desktop right menu – me
Wall – Logo Gits Arise (Google search)
Marlett – me
3dcc – me
Fonts – PalmOS and HarxCorp CAPS

  • Submitted: 02/27/2013
  • Reviews: 4
  • Views: 1163
  • Downloads: 402
  • Admin Rating: 86.33
  • User Rating: 92.00


Kody [90] wrote:

Mad props. Not a lot here visually, but you’ve brought back some old school hacks.


fate0000 [84] wrote:

As Kody says, nice homage to the classics. It would be nice for you to take these concepts and get a little more adventurous with your choices, but this is a nice base none the less.


Nanu [92] wrote:

Pretty much what the above have stated. Even a open explorer window to show icons and such would of been nice. Extra points for Ghost in the shell reference ;)


nitzua [85] wrote:

what kody said.

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