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Marla singer by meanmechanics in Screenshots



Artist Notes

I am Jack’s… complete lack of surprise.


My apologies.
I thought I had a text in the screenshot with all this.
Over the time I realised that I am not a very “aethetic customiser” but rather a “geeky” one willing to try anything
a bit different, so if there are flaws be grateful…

OS: windows 7 64 bit
Alternate windows Shells: bug.n – Tiling Window Manager and bblean 1.17.1-64 bit
Command line: Console
File manager: SurF
Picture viewer: IrfanView
Text editor: Sublime Text2
Web browser: Opera
Other Softwares: AutoHotkey , Win-X-Move and glass2k

I’m using bug.n and bblean to imitate awesome window manager on *nix the shot is base on an older screenshot by myself
I wanted something that was more “awmish” so I turned off all plugins and desktop right click in bblean and installed bug.n on top. I’m using bug.n autohotkey script and not the exe, so as to gain more control over some of the features like font color. I also disabled or hacked most of my softwares so as to hide or eliminate any buttons or tabs. And where possible I substituted autohotkey to application hotkeys. I’m also using various hotkeys to compensate the rip off of buttons

I’m using nexus-theme by EleazarCrusader for sublime overall theme and daylerees Darkside colour scheme
The bblean style myself
cheers and thanks

P.S. 3dcc is Pastel and Extreme by deele modded

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fate0000 wrote:

Can you throw up some notes explaining what mods you have just so others know what you did?



Shady wrote:

Nice hacks :D


Kody wrote:

bug.n <3


cakeface [85] wrote:

Wow – really like the customizations that you describe. Its too bad that it is hard to translate all the hard work you’ve done with hotkey setup into a screenshot. I totally thought that this was a unix shot and I mean that as a compliment!


meanmechanics wrote:


Well, thank you. I suppose you are an Autohotkey user?
Anyhow, I have little merit. All the AHK’s setups are freely available on the AHK site. Sometimes there are some tweaking to do but negligible.

In fact I saw the screenshot of Kody and thought I’d share the bug.n better alternatives over bbleanskin (e.g. Kody is using a 32bit bblean fork, that work in 7 64 bit but that don’t skin 64bit softwares) to hide/disable window titlebar/caption.

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