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Pendosa by subluq in Screenshots



Artist Notes

+ os : windows 8 x64
+ vs : marshall – neiio, slightly modded
+ wall : appows 2
+ icon : retrofukation, sanscon
+ font : helvetica lt std
+ launchy : custom
+ cad : only playing with font :| , recthman and geoslab703
+ others : mactype, power menu by vishal, userchrome.css

  • Submitted: 03/05/2013
  • Reviews: 5
  • Views: 1888
  • Downloads: 184
  • Admin Rating: 89.67
  • User Rating:


nitzua [89] wrote:

really liking the feel of this. the font could be a little clearer in some spots and the clock font doesn’t really match(?) the rest of the shot. other than that, stellar work. the same goes for the rest of your gallery.


fate0000 [88] wrote:

This is nice. I think I would nix the font smoothing in this case to make it match the pixely icons and such, but overall this is a nice theme.


mangosango [92] wrote:

I agree with nitzua – a sharper pixel font would make this awesome.

That browser window is great!

Congrats on the feature!


subluq wrote:

well, I don’t really like pixel font. guess I’m in love with helvetica. gonna stick with it for ever :p

@nitzua : dunno how to change clock’s font :| any idea? I tried to edit the vs on WSB and successfully saved the file but failed to apply the vs. it always reverts back to aero :(

@mangosango : thanks!

@fate0000 : thanks for the feature!


Randys wrote:

Good job for Jalal

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