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Spaceberries for Everyone by mangosango in Litestep



Artist Notes

Hey guys, I’m releasing this right on schedule for once (hur hur hur).

Includes: Litestep, TrueTransparency, Opera

The truetransparency and opera are only there for screenshotting purposes (I guess you could use them everyday, but it’s a bit annoying to have black on black text and a titlebar that’s only a few pixels high :P)

For usability, I would recommend sticking with the Litestep + VS (made by neiio).


  • Submitted: 03/17/2013
  • Reviews: 4
  • Views: 1436
  • Downloads: 133
  • Admin Rating: 89.00
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LolCakeLazors wrote:

Can I tell you how good the bluish-gray looks on the gray background?


mangosango wrote:

tanks for the feature :)


mizutaifux wrote:

Good work!


fate0000 [89] wrote:

Looking good and schoomve as usual. Would still like to see you try something radically different though =)

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