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Artist Notes

• Theme: Gaia09.2 for Windows 7 by neiio, modified by me
• Wallpaper: Reshiram by VVITch on deviantART, without text mod by me
• Icons: Token by brsev modified by me, Stefan Kanchev logotypes, and custom self-made icons
• CD Art Display: self-made, N.F.R.
• Rainmeter skins: Mail+Weather by me
• Reshiram artwork by ~KuroStaR on deviantART

  • Submitted: 03/18/2013
  • Reviews: 2
  • Views: 957
  • Downloads: 69
  • Admin Rating: 91.00
  • User Rating: 80.00


fate0000 [91] wrote:

Very nice desk. Everything jives and everything little component is customized to fit the theme. Well done.


Creepynoise [80] wrote:

Nice and coherent!

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