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P,NACS! by crshd in Screenshots



Artist Notes

Please, Not Another Classic Shot!

W7, classic
3DCC Pastel & Extreme by deele
LS Based on Amana2
Wall Cult of the Silent Eye by j3concepts recolor
Gnome icons
Solarized light theme for Sublime (changed background color)
Custom f2k
Custom Fox
Fonts Helvetica Neue & Source Code Pro

  • Submitted: 03/21/2013
  • Reviews: 9
  • Views: 1761
  • Downloads: 93
  • Admin Rating: 90.33
  • User Rating: 87.67


fate0000 [90] wrote:

Sweet beautiful old schooliness.


mizutaifux wrote:

Perfect for me!


mangosango [86] wrote:

Keepin it classy with classic. I approve! I love the white/green combo


4nt1p0p [90] wrote:

I love that foobar! Also, the color scheme of Sublime feels just natural with the scheme and wallpaper. Very good classic shot


Kody [95] wrote:

beautiful, classy and consistent


turn wrote:

damn i just got showed up on that classic tip huh. nice setup though, i dig it.
edit> haha i realized you uploaded yours before me! nice. never even saw yours tbh


Creepynoise [78] wrote:

Everything looks perfect!


phacrum [95] wrote:

mind thinking about releasing this sexy f2k and ffox? :)


bugzor wrote:

classic is always nice A+

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