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SUAU13 [SSC13] by Danlo in SSC 13 - Windows



Artist Notes

This week I have way too work, so I will not have time to finish the last details for this setup … as a shortcut menu for the user icon and integrate the VS, because I ran into many bugs and I could not finish it, so I decided to finally use TT. Comments welcome!

OS: windows 7 X86 SP1
LS: SUAU13 by me
VS: SBB by neiio [mod by me]
TT: SUAU13 by me
CAD: SUAU13 by me
WP: Compound by ether
Launchy: SUAU13 by me
Icons: Defaulticons by dafmat71 [recolored by me], folders shared by memovaslg [thanks a lot mate!]
Font: Lato regular/italic

The shutdown dialog is made via LS. I release the whole suite at the end of the contest.

Inspiration in April

  • Submitted: 05/03/2013
  • Reviews: 15
  • Views: 1722
  • Downloads: 84
  • Admin Rating: 92.75
  • User Rating: 94.20


Ivanossom [95] wrote:

The caption bar shadow still needs more work, but the rest is stella !


dafmat71 [99] wrote:

Awesome desk, really my taste, the best screenie for the contest i saw…for the moment!
Just a detail, on topframe i had prefered no dark contours, cause it’s like the topframe was apart!


Danlo wrote:

@dafmat71… I really did not remember where i got the glyphs… I just recolored it… hope you don´t mind :)


noka [89] wrote:

this is smooth. i love that ls. and the cad too, great job.


4nt1p0p [94] wrote:

Very light and compact setup.
I might make 1px border around the whole explorer window instead of just caption bar, so it doesnt pop out the caption that much. Otherwise very, very sweet stuff.


mangosango [95] wrote:

This is so great! I think one of my favorite shots from you, and from SSC this year.

I love how cohesive and thematic everything feels – all the parts of the shot feel like part of a whole. The details are really great – I especially like that clock/searchbar in the bottom-left and the details in the shutdown panel. Great choice of icons and font (maybe try gdipp to make the rendering even smoother? :D).

Aside from the window border issue that @4nt1p0p mentioned (I know TT will do this with some VSs) there’s not much to complain about! I would have liked to have seen something more crazy and wild (like your killer Roten Stein shot from last year), but this is very refined .

Awesome work – I always like seeing new shots from you. :3


nosphere [95] wrote:

excelente trabajo carnal!, buena suerte


Thomax [91] wrote:

Everything goes together quite well and it looks like a pretty solid and comfortable setup. Good job!


monolithh [88] wrote:

Nice and light.

This is just me, but I would like to see the darker secondary color a bit more to balance it out a little.


crshd [94] wrote:

I really like this. It’s slightly unconventional, but in a good way. Everything clicks.


sbstnc [96] wrote:

A very nice and rather unusual theme.
My only grief with it is the right border of the taskbar. I think a smaller radius would look better. And it would make it consistent with the dark element in the top right hand corner.


magnet77 [95] wrote:

my fav’ windows shot from this year’s SSC – it all goes well together and still remains minimal.. cool stuff


nuuvo [97] wrote:

Really nice and coherent setup! Loving the shutdown dialog!


akka [93] wrote:

Certainly derivative, but there are a lot of interesting things going on here. I love the scrollbar and clean gradients. The way the caption bar meets the window is a little funny, especially at the outer border.

Beautiful wall, plenty of nice little details across the board. Good job.


fate0000 [92] wrote:

This is one of the more promising desks I’ve seen so far. There is definitely the talent to make beautiful things, but there are some usability concerns and some heavy reliance on the old 4imp styles from last decade.

My main usability gripe is that there’s just too much that’s too low contrast. The popup, some of the icons, and maybe the caption buttons are semi-difficult to see. Also, the popup font could be cleaned up a bit.

The task bar and the little theme branding are definitely borrowed from older shots, but they still look good.

Despite this criticism this is one of the better shots. Its very polished and clean. With some more discipline and bolder choices I think you could make a real run for a prize next year.

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