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[SSC13] inSky by iSky in SSC 13 - Mobile



Artist Notes

..two months in Australia, but only two days to work on my SSC Submission, something went wrong. :D

Wallpaper: Flow by DeuxVisions
Icons: Ikonic by k-raki
Background: Inhaler by DeuxVisions
PSD: Galaxy S3 by wahashmi
Font: Calibri Italic

Widgetlocker, UCCW, Wallpaper(mod)

SSLauncher, UCCW, MissedIt, Wallpaper(mod)

I know, it seems to be a bit too bright.. But it works well for me on my mobile, i like it that way :)

Good luck to everybody!

  • Submitted: 05/04/2013
  • Reviews: 12
  • Views: 1389
  • Downloads: 178
  • Admin Rating: 85.00
  • User Rating: 92.57


jamestraf [96] wrote:

Very clean and usable. Great work.


noka [89] wrote:

i like this. nice subtle colors, and a great set of minimal icons.

i sometimes wish i still had an android phone. everything was so much easier to customize exactly how one wanted it.

i think i would go mad without a clock on my lockscreen though, but thats just me.
i also like how you’ve used your own logo-thing in the setup.


iSky wrote:

@noka: Thank you :) ..well, I use my wristwatch.. so no problem for me :P


Alexo [98] wrote:

:) Wow.. Your choice of colours is great. Nice mnml style! Feels lively and fits perfect with your wallpaper (and your samsung phone colour :D).


mangosango [85] wrote:

It’s bright! Which is fine, but isn’t it hard to read the clock? :P

The icons look great and I like the status icons at the top. I wish that this setup used a bit more color (it just seems a bit monochrome right now with the blue background and white icons).

Overall a great shot. Looks nice :)


Thomax [89] wrote:

clean, minimal and light. I like it!


tokems [93] wrote:

I’ve always though your iOS shots were your best since you moved to android, however, this is beautiful. It’s minimal, clean, and usable. Are the notifications(badges w/e you call them) visible on your end? They look real small here. Also have to agree with sang about the clock, although it doesn’t like its an issue for you.

great work.


crshd [87] wrote:

Surely clean. Not sure about usable, though. I think it could use some contrast.


sbstnc [95] wrote:

Might be a little hard to read in sunlight, but I sure am digging the design. It looks very clean and mature. Really good work.


marique [90] wrote:

Very clean and minimal, I like it =) But, as you said, maybe a bit too bright =P


akka [87] wrote:

Not directed at you, specifically, but I really want to start seeing these mobile shots unedited (I’m assuming the screen glare line was added after the fact). Putting it in the phone for context is one thing, but modifying the screenshot itself (distorting for perspective, or lighting for glare) is annoying.

I like the icons, but the low contrast and similar shapes might make things hard to differentiate?

I also like that you have your own brand/identity mark.

Great colors, very clean.


fate0000 [79] wrote:

Not bad. Everything matches nicely, but there’s very little to see and there are little risks taken.

While the UI does look pretty it seems like it would be difficult to use as the contrast is very low and the icons are quite tiny.

What you have showing looks nice, but there are usability concerns and there’s a lot of UI elements that are hidden from us as well.

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