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[SSC13] inClouds by iSky in SSC 13 - OS X



Artist Notes

Well, here is my Mac OSX submission.. I had no time to work out a bigger theme, but I am satisfied :)

Wallpaper(mod): Mint by MangoSango
Bowtie(mod): PaperRift by creeze
Stiijo Traffic Light by Joox
Iconpaper Dock Icons

Good luck guys!

  • Submitted: 05/04/2013
  • Reviews: 9
  • Views: 1035
  • Downloads: 63
  • Admin Rating: 83.00
  • User Rating: 88.20


Alexo [94] wrote:

Great compilation of OSX standarts and mods! The dock is cool and the clock/date is nice, too. :)


mangosango [84] wrote:

That bowtie…. it’s… doing things to my brain!

You have a lot of great individual components here, I think, but I’m not sure that they jive together so well.

I’m not sure to what extent OSX is customizable, but I would definitely reduce the shadow opacity on the windows and the dock if possible (imo the black dominates the screen a bit too much right now).

The safari skin looks really great, though, and OSX has always looked pretty great on its own.


Thomax [82] wrote:

Do not like the the Finder-bar and like sang said, not sure how well the individual compenents go together. It does look like a comfortable setup though..


crshd [89] wrote:

Those browser tabs look strange. And I think the menubar should have been less “glossy”. Other than that, It’s a typical solid OSX shot.


4nt1p0p [85] wrote:

The bowtie’s text is hardly visible, same as the time widget.
Its a well made shot and I am not missing anything here, maybe that gloss of menubar and shadows like its being said.


sbstnc [88] wrote:

The menubar disturbs me in this one.
It’s different enough that it stands out, but not different enough to stand on its own, if that makes any sense.

I’ll try to elaborate on that…
I kind of expected it to match up with the rest of the system, e.g. the window borders, but it doesn’t. If it was completely white I probably wouldn’t have had that expectation in the first place.

The dock is way too narrow in height and there’s too much space between the icons.

That torn paper effect is great. And I am kind of jealous of your super clean menubar icon area.


dafmat71 [85] wrote:

But like sbstnc said: “The dock is way too narrow in height and there’s too much space between the icons.”
I’m also ok with Sang about the shadows!


akka [80] wrote:

Looks like this pairs nicely with your phone.

Not much heavy custo here. The gradient on the menubar feels heavy handed, and the bowtie feels a little cheesy and low contrast.

I like the type on the desktop, and everything else looks comfy.


fate0000 [86] wrote:

Not bad at all. I wish I knew where to begin with customizing OS X. Overall everything safely blends together. The icons on the dock could match the theme a little better, but they don’t really clash either.

There is still a lot of that OSX bulkiness coming through, especially on the Finder bar up top. I also think the caption buttons are very difficult to see.

Overall a nice desk.

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