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SPACE POTATO SSC'13 by tokems in SSC 13 - Mobile



Artist Notes

Submitted this last night but had issues with the screenshot. Nothing has changed.

Oh geez, well to boot off I spent only 2 days on this setup. I’m not completely proud of it but really wanted to put something out for the contest.. 100% self made(excluding google maps), however the theme is still a wip. I wanted to focus on a clean looking minimal theme, yet stick with ios like icons. Animations and effects from auxo, atom, and hooks% law add to the buttery smoothness.The dock acts as a quick access to shortcuts including the camera app, app store, cydia, safari, and settings. Welp, here’s my shot at ssc13.

For anyone who’s followed me, the fb logo is just for laughs. :P

Space Potato is a wip theme for iOS, made in photoshop / icon logos in illustrator

Device – iPhone 5 6.0.1

Preview – Jackie Tran

Icons – Space Potato

Dock icons – Entypo

Layout via Iconoclasm – space potato

Wall – #232b2e // widescreen pack 23 by ether

LS – Atom

LS clock – Someting I cooked up since I had nothing prepared for this theme.

Switcher – Auxo

  • Submitted: 05/05/2013
  • Reviews: 17
  • Views: 4151
  • Downloads: 615
  • Admin Rating: 93.40
  • User Rating: 93.22


RaDMaN [90]


mangosango [97] wrote:

Oh it’s good


noka [88] wrote:

i really like those icons you’ve made.
hopefully you’ll release those one day.

the auxo and lockscreen “slider” and the dock thing however seems a bit unfinished imo, but given you’ve only spent around two days on this, this is a pretty swell looking setup, though it can’t really compete with some of your earlier submissions in the mobile category.

plus also for the wallpaper clock and the lockscreen wallpaper. it would look better in my opinion if you just used a blank image for the ls-slider.

8.8 out of 10 from me.


Danlo [90] wrote:

Solid setup… dunno what happened with your icons, I remember another version that I really digging. I always love your grungy and minimal style, but not really this time, needs more work and time thought, well you always updated your shots, so I looking forward to update this :)


Thomax [88] wrote:

What noka said. Looks like a nice setup!


crshd [91] wrote:

Solid, could use some polish, though.


winnichip [99] wrote:

E-mail to self setup’s .png – HELL YEAH.

i’m loveyour ls, good wallpaper.
nice hs, but i think hs wall can be better :/


Kody [99] wrote:

IT’S A 99


marique [93] wrote:

Really like the lockscreen =) The homescreen does look a bit unfinished, I think maybe the background’s too dark for my taste. But still great setup..!


crkd [95] wrote:

Looks comfy. I like it.


Ivanossom [93] wrote:

The lockscreen could use a more complex html code, and homescreen icons are a little bit different than last time I saw, but it’s a solid setup overall. Nice job.


bugzor [100] wrote:

super sexy. 10/10 would use. I love the idea with the icons: “clean looking minimal theme, yet stick with ios like icons” sold me on that


tokems wrote:


Thanks for the feedback :-D
I plan to release them. They’re still very unfinished atm though.

LOL don’t even ask.. I threw those together in a panic.

I’ll get back to my minimal themes someday. I just wanted to try out a new style to refine my graphic design skillz.

LOL don’t ask about the walls either.. I was set on the icons but couldn’t find a damn wall to go with it. Last minute decision.

@everyone else
Thank you :D

FolderIcons ios6 beta for the folders.

I used blank icons via iBlank to fill the space in between the icons.


akka [93] wrote:

Loving this. The menu button is clever, the lock screen is intriguing. The icons have just enough border radius to be distinctive from all the other sets, and take me outside my comfort zone.

Digging the presentation.


fate0000 [90] wrote:

Everyone seems to be doing the flat look these days. Overall its a nice theme and everything jives. The lock screen clock is bold minimalism, but I think you could have been a bit more creative there. The flat icon set is nice as is the menus. My only gripe is that the minimalist choices might be a bit too safe for the contest. Overall a solid theme.


zayed wrote:

but how i can use this theme in my iphone ?
and how can download ?


monolithh wrote:

@tokems how did you customize the folder icon on the dock? And how did you get them pinned on the sides of the dock?

Sweet thanks!

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