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[SSC13] - The Clean by leohafi in SSC 13 - Mobile



Artist Notes

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~ Wallpaper by Obeythe10: mod of http://obeythe10.deviantart.com/art/Symbols-364360207
~ Clock by Patrick Muff: mod of the Analog Clock
~ Unlock Tweak by Max Katzmann: JellyLock (beta) (used an Icon from the same Icon Pack that i used in the HS Dock)

~ Wallpaper by ether: http://ether.deviantart.com/art/widescreen-pack-16-113615369
~ Sarif Theme by White-Baron: for the textuel weather and time http://white-baron.deviantart.com/art/Sarif-293859145 (used SarifMod-HS time, SarifMod-HS weather and SarifMod-dock hide <- all included in the Theme)
~ Icons by lajalousie: http://lajalousie.deviantart.com/art/Lajal-Minimal-Icons-359247321 + some selfmade with included psd
~ Dock Icon by pk1st: http://pk1st.deviantart.com/art/Geometry-Icons-Pack-165254883
~ Weather widget: used DashboardX and the standart NC Weather
~ Font: BytaFont Tweak with Geo Sans Light

Picture Font (“This is my iPhone”): Neou Thin http://www.dafont.com/neou.font

  • Submitted: 05/05/2013
  • Reviews: 10
  • Views: 1632
  • Downloads: 91
  • Admin Rating: 83.25
  • User Rating: 85.20


mangosango [85] wrote:

You’ve got a lot of great hacks going on everywhere – mad props for that!

Like I’ve said for a few others, I think this shot is one where the ingredients are great on their own, but they don’t quite fit together so well. I think that if the icons were flatter, and the weather widget was a bit more minimalistic, I think things with fit together more seamlessly. The lockscreen looks great (that seems to be a popular lockscreen wallpaper ;), and that ether wall is wonderful.

Great effort!


tokems [87] wrote:

While I do love the minimal setup, I’d have to agree with sand here. You could probably add a faux status bar(or a darker wall) for the LS just to make the icons visible. Personally I would also get rid of the icon shadows, I’m not sure if they’re intentional. Overall, this looks like a very usable setup with minor visibility issues.


Danlo [85] wrote:

Looks very comfy and usable… like Sang said, nice skins.. but you could match it better together and implement some selftmade skins


Thomax [85] wrote:

Yeah, I agree with Danlo and sang.


crshd [87] wrote:

Basically I sing what mango sang.

Nothing to add to that statement.


noka [80] wrote:

what tokems said.


marique [87] wrote:

Nice setup, but I agree it’s rather difficult to distinguish the statusbar on the lockscreen.


akka [78]


fate0000 [85] wrote:

The mobile category is really starting to get competitive this year. I like your wallpapers and the analog clock on the lock screen. The icon set isn’t bad. After that there are some usability problems I see like the phone’s status bar on the lock screen and the number indicator on some of the icons. The weather widget looks a tad bit bulky to me as well. Overall a nice theme however.


unic0rn wrote:


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