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Rexie - SSC13 by dorihuynh in SSC 13 - Windows



Artist Notes

Here is our shot (project) by me and Cu88. Nothing much to say. Many things were going on to the last day this week; because of time limit, so this shot would need to work on more. However, we are happy what we have done so far to put it on reality. Please feel free to comment. We appropriate all of you !


Visual style by us
Turn Off Button Rain by us
Objectdock by us
eVolume by esnooze (mod)
Amora by David Lahm (mod)
Pricedown Clock by hello-123456 (mod)
Simple weather by SieSie (mod)
ELEGANTE GRIS Walls by memovaslg

Inspiration Itune11.01 by zhuhaoran
Cu88 will release this VS after the contest. Hope you guys like it!

Please click on to get a best view.

Best all !

  • Submitted: 05/05/2013
  • Reviews: 15
  • Views: 1145
  • Downloads: 74
  • Admin Rating: 82.67
  • User Rating: 72.50


Danlo [73] wrote:

I really like the color scheme, but the contrast with the other elements is poorly executed. Try to match the fonts; colors and sizes; the glossy effect on caption bar is too heavy for the eyes and annoying… and please try to find some cool glyphs and rework the icons, because in my opinion destroyed the amora set.


Thomax [81] wrote:

Actually not sure how to review this, so I’ll just let the rating speak for itself.


monolithh [71] wrote:

The Brown/Red gloss really isn’t working all to well. It looks like it could work – you’re heading in the right direction, but as it is now it’s not really executed well.

A lot of it seems hashed together. Also why have a dock if you have a taskbar? Seems like a waste of real estate.


crshd [69] wrote:

Not sure what I’m looking for, but this isn’t it.


nosphere [71] wrote:

It looks like the first customization tries at late 90’s/early Y2K (unfortunately, in a bad way); keep working, we’ve seen neat, better works from you, by far.


Nanu [70] wrote:

Yeah, this is a strange one…I think your last year’s setup was far better :|


dafmat71 [70] wrote:

We can see a lot of works, but i don’t like the topframe!


sbstnc [70] wrote:

The start menu looks kinda messy. Mostly because of the brownish gradient borders.
They don’t mix well with the rest of the theme. You should probably rethink those. Same goes for the window borders obviously.

The taskbar text’s v-alignment is off by a few pixels and it looks like you’ve used too many different fonts overall.

I don’t know. I think this has some potential, but currently it’s far from reaching it. There’s a lot of inconsistencies.
I believe this should be flatter. And maybe try a pixel font. Though that kind of depends on how you’re going to change the theme.


4nt1p0p [70] wrote:

I think that red + golden gloss could work just fine, its just the amount of unnecessary elements presented here and low level of craft with the software. Like its being mentioned, you dont need that huge dock on the bottom if you already have quite nice taskbar on top. Also, why not including the volume bar in the audio widget? Seems like another unnecessary element there. Then, the rainmeter widgets for time, calendar and weather break the style of the shot with their simplicity in contrast with the complex look you were looking for in the VS. There are just too many things which I dont like to mention them all.

The overall idea is not that bad, but I would definetly look for 2 things before digging into it:
1) More experience with the image editing software to achieve better results.
2) Less is more. There’s no need to bring too many elements into screenshot just for the sake of covering the wallpaper. You had enough of elements with that VS and audio widget alone to make quite solid screenshot what composition counts.


TheBoxTheory [73] wrote:

What 4nt1p0p said,is pretty much spot on.Don’t know what else to say.


magnet77 [88] wrote:

fantastic icons and colours and they go well together as a good screenshot – not sure on usability


dorihuynh wrote:

Thanks everyone for posting comments !

I agree that I should take out the dock. As I said before, because of time limit and also working in group was hard for us to get it done nicely as many you guys aspect. However, so far, it seems many of you don’t like the colors, it is fine because our style may not meet at all and I wanted a unique and something difference from others :)

@magnet77: Thanks so much ! You may try it later :D


akka wrote:

Respect for doing so much yourself.

Typography, gloss, icons, buttons, gradients, all feel a little clumsy. I dig the caption bar conceptually, but that must complicate dragging windows around?

A mid gray is very hard to work with, you’re doing well balancing it out with the red. Keep going!


fate0000 [89] wrote:

This reminds me of a very early suite I did – similar colors and quite raw. Kudos for pulling out all the elements and working together a cohesive theme. There are elements that could be polished up here and there, but overall its a respectable entry to the contest. I’d like to see you keep up customizing and hone in on the details.


mangosango [78] wrote:

This one’s interesting haha. Props for all of stuff you’ve made yourself. Like akka said, these colors are difficult to work with. I think that you should focus on finding one aspect of the shot that you want to bring out. Right now, it seems like you have a bunch of different styles and ideas that you want to try, so everything feels a bit haphazard. Keep at it!

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