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Mynt (SSC13) by Anomareh in SSC 13 - Linux



Artist Notes

ether released some new walls which inspired me to stop procrastinating and mess with my setup a bit. Probably been over a year since I touched it last. Anywho, this is what I ended up with.

OS Arch
WM subtle
Apps ncmpcpp (mine), Irssi (mine, inspired by one of Brooke’s shots), ST2 (recolored Soda)
Fonts Envy Code R (ST2), Semplice Regular (subtle), Terminus (urxvt)
Wallpaper seams by ether

  • Submitted: 05/05/2013
  • Reviews: 8
  • Views: 1684
  • Downloads: 75
  • Admin Rating: 91.25
  • User Rating: 88.00


Thomax [88] wrote:

I like the color scheme! Also, +3 points for R.A the rugged man! Could have shown a bit more stuff though.. like maybe a music player or a picture viewer or something.


Anomareh wrote:

@Thomax The window in the bottom left is the music player (ncmpcpp). Just about everything I use runs in a terminal so I didn’t feel it would add much. Thought it would be more detrimental to cover up ether’s beautiful wall which is what inspired me in the first place to mess with my setup a bit.

@crshd Yeah. Terminus is too big in subtle, Semplice isn’t complete enough to work as a terminal font, and neither are suitable for programming :s I think the solution is getting a bigger monitor, but I won’t have the budget for that for a while.


crshd [92] wrote:

I like your way of slightly improving on an already nice setup instead of radically changing things every once in a while. And that wall is gorgeous, like it’s made for this setup.

The only thing bothering me about this is the mix and match of fonts…


4nt1p0p [92] wrote:

I agree about the fonts, everything else is pretty sweet here.


magnet77 [80] wrote:

I love the colours and how well they go with the wall.. nice shot


akka [91] wrote:

Nothing wrong with using a different font for programming.

Beautiful colors, highly personalized, very comfortable. Good to see you around.


fate0000 [92] wrote:

It looks so simple, but the details are where its at. The small GUI components are nicely polished and the font looks great. There are some places where the different fonts clash a bit, but others where the different fonts make a nice contrast. The colors and wall, as always, are top notch. A very competitive shot.


mangosango [94] wrote:

Nice, solid hacks, really unique color combination + setup. Great stuff!

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