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[SSC13] - 7 Months by TheBoxTheory in SSC 13 - Windows



Artist Notes

I bring something classic…maybe feeling a bit uninspired,but rather fond with the usability and minimalism of this. I do hope you find it nice enough.
I will maybe release some of the aspects from this, in the future if you are interested.

  1. What I Used for this
  2. OS : Windows 7
  3. VS : Classic Win with 3dcc from pastel (Slight Mod By Me)
  4. Shell : BBlean by Me
  5. Icons : Elementary
  6. Wallpaper : 295844
  7. The 2 pictures in Zeed are : Woo Bi and the other in the firefox is Forest
  8. Custom Firefox by Me [basicly a userchrome.css]
  9. Foobar by Me [default Columns UI with a quick arrangement]
  10. Running TIconBlanker,Zeed,xplorer2

Sorry for being that late for the sub,but my workload lately is rather abysmal.

  • Submitted: 05/05/2013
  • Reviews: 10
  • Views: 1098
  • Downloads: 59
  • Admin Rating: 83.25
  • User Rating: 83.40


Thomax [81] wrote:

Not feeling the color scheme. The caption text is also a bit hard to read (or maybe I’m just geting old?) Other than that, looks like a pretty usable setup.


monolithh [85] wrote:

Totally minimal. Not much to say, except like Thomax I’m not too keen on those colors.

And the taskbar is a little small for my liking.


crshd [82] wrote:

As I always say – can’t go wrong with Classic. Although I would expect a bit more for SSC.


Danlo [84] wrote:

what christian said… love the minimal and classic shots, but I think this needs more work


4nt1p0p [82] wrote:

Agree with everything said above. Everything looks pretty basic here except the firefox, which has some cool details in it.


TheBoxTheory wrote:

Thanks for the ratings!

Yeah, I definitely went for something a bit less “flamboyant”,something completely stripped down.
The color scheme was a “risk”,which I still like but I guess it didn’t work.

@Thomax yeah, I saw the caption text after I uploaded it,no you don’t get old :P
Basicly it’s the unfocused window [ which I may fix in the 3dcc ].If I focus the window the text is standard black,like firefox.


magnet77 [84] wrote:

kudos for using the good ol’ 3dcc and blackbox – good retro stuff


akka [82] wrote:

Explorer window looks good, and the tab (?) in the image viewer is neat. Woud love to see some more contrast.


fate0000 [84] wrote:

Nice old school feel to this. It looks minimal and fast. That being said, while the custo is solid there isn’t quite enough to make it stand out among the top competitors. This looks more like a solid everyday workstation then a prize winning shot. Regardless it still looks comfy and for what it is, its solid.


mangosango [86] wrote:

Great classic theme and retro vibe. I wish the icons were pixel icons to match the font, but it has that classic vibe regardless, which is nice. Like others have said, this has some solid custo, but feels a bit pedestrian. Solid entry.

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