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Aemaeth [SSC 13] by monolithh in SSC 13 - Windows



Artist Notes

No time to make anything special.
I should really start learning how to make Visual Styles.

OS – Windows 7 (x64)
Litestep – Aemaeth /vidya
TrueTransparency – Aemaeth
Wall – ? / Somewhere on flickr
ST2 Font – Meslo

  • Submitted: 05/05/2013
  • Reviews: 13
  • Views: 1269
  • Downloads: 61
  • Admin Rating: 75.67
  • User Rating: 81.86


Kirchik wrote:

can you pls share font from sublime?


Danlo [89] wrote:

Love this LS theme, it´s so nice and functional. I would like to see a more custom FF and I´m not sure about the wall, but the rest is pretty comfy.


Thomax [73] wrote:

I get a early 2000 feeling from this shot, and not in a positive way :p Just not a fan of this style at all.. sorry.


crshd [78] wrote:

I see potential in this, unfortunately it still has a long way to go.


nosphere [83] wrote:

As you point about not having enough time, it does look as an unfinished SS (perhaps a work in progress?). Reminds me of GSM as well as (a plain brother of) Sang’s “Chocolate Cheesecake”, good approach to on-the fly-coloring, the things that intrigued me the most of this work were the messy (dis)placement of browser tabs; the media player looks quite interesting.


4nt1p0p [84] wrote:

I would definetly hide sublime’s tabs if possible. Kinda break the unity in the shot for me.
Also, some firefox theme for toolbar buttons that are squared would be cool.

I agree with nosphere about the FF tabs, and I also feel that some custom colors in sublime would make this shot stand out little more.

That being said, its a solid entry which has some style to it, but lacks few steps to be complete.


sbstnc [76] wrote:

What happened to your browser tabs? They look crazy.
If you’re going for a rectangular look, which I assume here, it would be nice if Sublime Text had rectangular tabs too. And in that case you should probably fix your browser’s back button as well.

I’m getting sort of a ‘The Matrix’ vibe from this.
Maybe if you fixed these things and changed the wallpaper to something darker and more minimal you could push it further in that direction.


TheBoxTheory [83] wrote:

The LS is really nice,but the sub text,the wall and the whole color scheme don’t really play well together,in my opinion.
I do like the player though,seems really interesting.


magnet77 [80] wrote:

hmm dont think there is consistency here at all


Kody wrote:

exactly what @thomax said

I don’t really know how to feel about this


akka wrote:

That top bar has a lot of character and is well done.

No text in browser tabs? Caption buttons feel like a missed opportunity here. I do like the overall “feel” of this, something different than what we usually see here.


fate0000 [78] wrote:

It looks like an incomplete effort. There’s a lot of details just left out like missing text on some of the UI elements and missing glyphs on the caption bar buttons. Its a decent start, but really needs to be flushed out completely to be a competitor in this contest.


mangosango [76] wrote:

neat litestep and some cool hacks, although like other have said, it seems a bit incomplete (some parts are custo’d and other parts aren’t). Would love to see you flesh this out a bit more.

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