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Not enough time for SSC 13... by crshd in SSC 13 - Linux



Artist Notes

Lil’ late, due to vacation and a bottle of Bacardi… Hope it still gets in.

Anywho, here’s my portable setup.

debian Sawfish
icons Minimal Colors recolor
dzen2 half copy, half inspired by milomouse
font Terminus

Everything else by me

  • Submitted: 05/06/2013
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  • User Rating: 91.17


fate0000 [87] wrote:

The side caption button are really neat and as always your terminal-fu is second to none. As you mentioned it isn’t as flushed out as most of your stuff is, but a nice submission none the less.


Danlo [97] wrote:

Those captions are sick… I don´t know anything about custom linux, but this looks great indeed. Love your style!


Thomax [75] wrote:

Yay for pixelfonts! The rest is kinda boring..


crshd wrote:

@fate0000 Done :D

@Thomax As I said – not enough time. Went on vacation, and was pretty busy even while at home. This was literally thrown together in <10 hours (including OS install). I wish I could have done more. Maybe next year.


TheDexter1111 [95] wrote:

Doesn’t matter if it was done in 5 minutes or 5 weeks, your style is unmistakable and this shot is looking really clean. I don’t need to see anything else to know that I’d use this daily. Reminds me alot of ‘darks’ which I used for a good 8 to 9 months before my laptop crshd.. :p


4nt1p0p [87] wrote:

I dont really dig the color palette here, maybe just stick to 3 colors and leave one of the current in shades of grey or something(meaning the yellow, green, red and black palette here). It is blacky setup, but it still seems to me way too colorful.

Pixel font is right on the money here, maybe just play a little bit with the headings on the startpage.

Also, I might search for pixel styled icons for the shortcuts window (or whatever that is :D)

BUT, I love the caption buttons and the whole window frame. It looks very usable even for everyday use. Also, I like the bottom bar with media and weather presented in that texty code-like way.


TheBoxTheory [95] wrote:

I like it. I am not very keen on sawfish when it comes to linux but you nailed it.
Pixelfonts are always nice in these kind of setups.
The status bar is amazing ( any possibility that you may share it ? :D )
The only low point in this is the way the focused/unfocused window colors work.I do like the yellow for focused but the white is not looking “right” to me. Other than that, as I said, this is great.


jamestraf [88] wrote:

Love the colours, and overall style. I think it could have been a lot smoother on the eyes if you didn’t go for a jet black look. A few shades lighter would have made a difference for me. Very nice work overall.


magnet77 [85] wrote:

great stuff always been a fan of your work – the best thing in the screenshot is the sawfish window!


Kody [87] wrote:



akka [88] wrote:

This is interesting. I’m not sold on the gradient at the top of the window. I like the concept a lot, and the yellow accents.


mangosango [89] wrote:

This is rockin. Love how unique this setup is with those titlebars. The pixel font is fucking dope. Nice entry!

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