wademcok by vexa in Screenshots



Artist Notes

OS : Windows 7 x64
VS : Thrives by neiio
LS : Chill by me
TT : Chill by me (x86 only)
CAD : Chill by me
Launchy : Chill by me by me
Wall : found it on my hdd, but i believe it was downloaded from here
Icons : token, modified
others: Gehrunnerjunge 2.0, VLC player, firefox

feels great when i finished all of this skins, its almost 2 year since my last submission. I’m so busy for last several years, so i left my desktop with its default form, bunch of shortcuts, etc.

Dont forget to check my Chill Mini Suite ;)

  • Submitted: 05/29/2013
  • Reviews: 4
  • Views: 1171
  • Downloads: 30
  • Admin Rating: 88.00
  • User Rating: 94.00


dafmat71 [94] wrote:

Nice configuration and wallpaper!!


neiio [88] wrote:

Welcome back to skinning, looks nice and use usable.

Congrats on the feature. :D


vexa wrote:

thx everyone :)


xorisa wrote:

This looks great! And it looks like you’re using same OS as me, how did you get Litestep working?

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