Nimbus VS by neiio in Visual Styles



Artist Notes

For more info on the nimbus project which is being developed by mangosango check his awesome screenshot.


Includes 3 color variations
as well as some mods.

This includes a border-less VS so there are some necessary steps to take. (disable blur).


Win 7 Nav Buttons Customizer: & Windows 7 Aero Blur Tweaker

*How to Install & Use Custom 3rd Party Themes


  • Submitted: 06/06/2013
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tehl3x [90] wrote:

Looks great! I’m confused by the font though, do you have any configuration tips? It just looks broken on my end (especially lower case ‘e’)


neiio wrote:

@teh3x I use mactype


nosphere [91] wrote:

Funky beauty!; great work as usual dude, any chance of getting this on 8?

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