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Classic:Simple:Usable by F8Fabe in Screenshots



Artist Notes

Have to study for school, so no complicated, unusable setup :)


OS: Win7
VS: Classic + 3dcc
3dcc: stone – http://pixelfuckers.org/submissions/934
icons: tango patcher + Tango Squared http://neiio.deviantart.com/art/Tango-Squared-376669999
firefox: tango patcher
rainmeter: bb bar http://hora-hora.deviantart.com/art/bb-bar-327527424?q=gallery%3Ahora-hora%2F37086866&qo=5

greets from austria

  • Submitted: 06/08/2013
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neiio [89] wrote:

This is nice and clean. Still love the Gnome/Tango look. Should post the details soon though. Also I’m guessing this is XP?

EDIT: Thanks for the info.


F8Fabe wrote:

@neiio: Thanks for the kind words :) – details after my final exams today, nervous >.< :P – nope it´s windows 7

@shady: thanks :)

@noka: by neiio – check details ;)


Shady [88] wrote:

Looks light and comfy


noka wrote:

taskbar icons?


mizutaifux wrote:

Perfect for me.

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