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Pinka by budRich in Default



Artist Notes

OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

VS: Windows classic, colors by me via AutoHotkey.
Captionbuttons are blanked with AutoHotkey. I use mousebutton combinations to control windows:

~LButton & WheelUp::AltTab
~LButton & WheelDown::ShiftAltTab
~LButton & MButton::WinClose, A
~LButton & RButton::WinMinimize, A

WP: Usually i have nice pictures of woods as my wallpaper, but i wanted something more abstract to make the shot more easy on the eyes, so i google image searched for: Pink abstract wallpaper imagesize:1920×1080, and this was one of the top suggestions.

Only mod on the taskbar is that i killed the startbutton with startkiller, i have it set to autohide and very seldom see it so i haven’t bothered to change any icons.

The “topbar” is a combination of Rainmeter (clock, system and traffic info), and AutoHotkey guis (from left to right: Songinfo, clicking it displays the top-left corner of my foobar2000 config, visible in the shot, clicking it again makes it taller so i can browse my music library. I know it’s hard to see but the area to the right of the songinfo is darker(black actually) and is a mod i made out of the launcher 320mph, written in AutoHotkey. And to the right of that the bar is grey again and in that space the title of the currently maximized window is displayed.). One thing about the topbar that i haven’t seen elsewhere is that it’s “AlwayOnTop”, and i have script running that sets all maximized windows to “the bottom”, so the bar covers the maximized windows title bar.

The menu on the right is generated by AutoHotkey and is invoked with the “forwardbutton” on my mouse.

Applications seen on screen:
foobar2000, as i said before thats just the top-left corner of my config, resizing it reveals more content. I know the text is very large, this is because i want it to be easily read when i display it on my TV during my awesome parties.

Active Window Info:
A small program that comes with Autohotkey, I choosed to show it because it’s a good example of how a default wind looks like.

Sublime Text 2:
Theme: Nexus by EleazarCrusader
AutoHotkey color highlight: HatOfGod by me

Colors and theme by me

I don’t expect high ratings on this, i know the icons on the taskbar and the large text isn’t what you guys like. I upload it to give you custowizards some cool ideas, so please steal my stuff and make something pretty.

  • Submitted: 06/15/2013
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chiwou wrote:

it would be great if you could share your config to hide the titlebar buttons and icon and move the text to the left


thanks the text automatically moves to the left when you activate the close, max, min option

@budRich do you know how to exclude an app from the script?


budRich wrote:

@chiwou: Try this script:

^Check this out for another example.


Vibex [55] wrote:

While I know they are simple, I felt I should mention that I borrowed your first 2 ahk commands for my sudo WM script. https://github.com/Vibex/qt.pi Thats the link if you want to check it out. The keys aren’t in the script yet, but the will be as of the next update.

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