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Gnomnit VS for Windows 8 by neiio in Visual Styles



Artist Notes

GNOME/TANGO/CLASSIC, It also includes versions that make use of Windows Auto-Color feature so there is a tonne of possibilities or you can color it yourself.

Instructions |

First of all we need to patch Windows 8 to use themes, here’s the tool I used http://uxstyle.com/
You can use whatever ‘works’ for you. :)

Install the included fonts.

Now once your PC is capable, place the theme files into Windows/Resources/Themes

Then go to your desktop and apply it as you would any other theme. It will be located under “Installed Themes”.

If you wish to get rid of the ribbon use the provided tool. That should be it, any questions just ask.

Ribbon Disabler | http://fav.me/d4xt4f0

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