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Tango Icon Pack Installer for Windows 8 by neiio in Icons



Artist Notes

The instructions are copied from UltimateDesktops.

This is a 1-click Windows 8 System Icon Pack Installer. It is to be installed using 7tsp. 7tsp is a System File Patcher which allows you to customize Windows in a simple way with just few mouse clicks. Although primarily a Windows 7 patcher, 7tsp also works properly on Windows 8. This is a Universal Installer and will work on both 32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64) systems.


Backup your system and create a restore point before patching. Note that the packs are to be loaded directly into 7tsp in 7zip format. Do not unpack the Icon Packs. Everything is explained in the 7tsp Tutorial.

Thanks to the Tango Project for the timeless icons.

This pack is opensource…

  • Submitted: 06/15/2013
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crshd wrote:

Woot, this is exactly what my box needed :D


doctorfrog wrote:

I have been looking for exactly this kind of thing since I migrated from Windows XP years ago (Tango Patcher). Tango is such a nice, calm theme, and it’s about damn time there was an easy way to put it back on my machine! Thanks for putting this together and pointing to 7tsp.


zakh wrote:

Does this work for W7 as well?

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