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Been away from Windows for a while and I’ve just done a fresh install so I thought I’d do a bit o’ custo.

LS – Spaceberries
VS – Nimbus
Icons – Aqua Pastel
Font – DIN, using Mactype (I really need to spend some time configuring this ._.)

Nothing fancy, but it is quite comfy. I might spend some more time on this and tweak more stuff, but it’ll do for now.

  • Submitted: 06/16/2013
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Nanu [88] wrote:

Looks good. I don’t like the litestep theme task bar though.
Just doesn’t fit with the Nimbus color scheme. You using Firefox btw?
Liking the default look with that vs.
Edit: guess I was wrong about the taskbar blending with the rest :P


richard0 [86] wrote:

I think it looks really confy but indeed the font rendering look a bit out of order. Personally I really like how the background and taskbar blend in together.


maman_ [86] wrote:

nimbus with DIN font is a good choice. btw, seems that firefox isn’t picking up your MacType config. set the hardware acceleration to off in the options – advanced.


neiio wrote:

Love the taskbar & love nimbus explorer window, just not sure they mesh well together.


crkd wrote:


Thanks for the feedback guys!

My aim with the taskbar was to make it blend in, and I actually quite like the blue. Maybe this could work with nimbus a bit better if I uses grey for inactive windows so the blue is a bit less dominant?

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