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Artist Notes

Wallpaper – http://othum.deviantart.com/art/mountain-199437938 / mod
Litestep, Cad skin’s made by me / inspired http://dribbble.com/shots/1083847-Flat-UI-Kit-Free-PSD
Opera skin,TT and start page is also made by me.
Font – Proxima Nova B

The button from bottom left is for show or hide taskbar.

  • Submitted: 06/16/2013
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  • User Rating: 83.00


cathy wrote:

If thats your taskbar on top, how do you set your taskbar text to show only “ARSENIUC”?
I mean, shouldnt it be “ARSENIUCOPERA”?

Unless, thats some kind of application launcher or Opera icon that you reshacked.

Nice design though


neiio wrote:

Nice colors.


maman_ [83] wrote:

diggin’ the use of muted colors. is your modded wallpaper avalaible for share ?

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