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Artist Notes

OSX, again. now on 10.8.3

+ modded SArtFile, combining iAndrew’s menubar and slight mod to remove the ‘grain’ effect on titlebar.
+ Stiijo traffic lights
+ icons are Alumin Fortis Remix by Steven Zhang
+ menubar icon by iAndrew
+ apple icon replaced with sang’s nimbus logotype. cute, eh? :3
+ firefox with vimperator, foxdie graphite, and some userchrome mods.
+ Geektol from this PSD
+ inket’s noWindowIcon and indragie’s Traffic Lights Disabler SIMBL hacks are used – idk why firefox ignore that :/
+ Wallpaper from Maverick’s default wallpaper, blurred

inspired by the revival of Flat Design ,OSX Maverick, and mangosango’s Nimbus.

anyway, seems that geektool didn’t antialiasing the fonts properly. is there any workaround?

  • Submitted: 06/17/2013
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  • User Rating: 89.33


subluq [90] wrote:

that wall looks soo good. fix that geektool font rendering and you’re dank man!


neiio wrote:

Very smooth. OS X can be so pretty. :D


crshd [87] wrote:

Damn, that Vimperator looks dope, that statusbar integrates perfectly with OS X. Care to share?


maman_ wrote:

@subluq thanks for the rating man :) – yep, didn’t found any workaround yet atm :(
@neiio thanks for the kind words ! :)
@crshd thanks – actually I’m forgot to mention that I’m using Foxdie graphite . it’s incompatible with firefox 4+, but you can force-install it.

- update my description to include firefox theme that i’m using.


Hal [91] wrote:

Excellent! The browser has a very clean look. I agree, if you were to fix the font rendering in the weather/time/email/uptime thingy you would be set. That being said, I don’t like the tapered panel. I really envy that file manager layout for music, a shame it isn’t present in Explorer.

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